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Hello? Is this thing on?

*The sound of buttons being pressed can be heard*

Oh, I guess it is. Anyways, I'm not here right now. If you'd like me to call you back please leave your name and number and I'll try my best to get back to you!

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Glaceon, Female, level 48 (nickname: Nayru)
[Ability] Snow Cloak: Evasion increases in hail storms.
Hail: Causes water to freeze in the air, falling to the ground for several minutes.
Blizzard: Powerful winds that may freeze an opponent.
Ice Fang: Bites with an icy fang. May flinch or freeze the foe.
Ice Shard: Allows Glaceon to attack first with a single ice shard.

Flareon, female, level 48 (nickname: Din)
[Ability] Flash Fire: Prevents Flareon from being hit with fire attacks and boots her fire attacks.
Fire Spin: Traps the foe in a vortex of flames.
Ember: A weak fire attack that may inflict burn.
Flamethrower: Powerful fire attack that may cause burn.
Overheat: Full power attack, but lowers SP attack

Leafeon, female, level 48 (nickname: Farore)
[Ability] Leaf Guard: Status effects are healed in Sunny Day.
Sunny Day: Intensifies the suns rays.
Grass Knot: Stronger against heavy foes.
Giga Drain: Steals half the inflicted damage
Grasswhistle: Lulls the opponent to sleep.

Lanturn, female, level 35
[Ability] Volt Absorb: Heals up to 25% when hit with electric attacks
Bubblebeam: Shoots bubbles that may lower speed.
Discharge: May induce paralysis
Thunder: Strong attack that may cause paralysis
Surf: Creates a large wave that crashes into the foe.

Gardevoir, female, level 36
[Ability] Synchronize: When afflicted with poison, burn or paralysis the opponent is afflicted with the same ailment.
Confusion: May confuse the opponent
Hypnosis: Tries to subdue the opponent into sleeping
Dream Eater: Takes half of the damage dealt to sleeping pokemon.
Psychic: powerful attack that may lower Sp Def.

Bonsly, female, level 25
[Ability] Rock Hard: Takes no re-coil damage
[Ability] Sturdy: One hit KO’s wont work
Rock Slide: Large boulders are thrown, may cause flinch.
Faint attack:Unavoidable close range attack.
Rock Tomb: Covers the foe in rocks, may reduce speed.
Rock throw: throws small rocks at foe. </b>



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